Who We Are

Founded in 2001, T-Rex Services is a leading provider of hydro excavation and industrial vacuum services. Our clients come from a range of industries, including industrial and commercial construction, oil & gas, utilities, municipal, electrical and mechanical, telecommunications, and land based drilling rigs.

T-Rex has been a top name in the industry since our founding, and we work hard to provide the best service with the most innovative technology available. With 60 trucks, we have the largest fleet in Texas. We continually upgrade our trucks and equipment to provide superior hydro excavation services.


What is Hydro Excavation?

Hydro excavation, also referred to as hydro‐vac, vacuum excavation, hydro vacuum excavation, or soft digging, is the use of highly pressurized water to cut and liquify soil, while a high‐flow vacuum system extracts material from the dig site. The material is then deposited into the debris body or mobile storage tank. Because of its speed, safety, and accuracy, hydro excavation has become a preferred dig method.


Why Hydro Excavation?

Safety is the biggest advantage of hydro excavation, simply due to the risk involved when exposing underground utilities or excavating in areas where there are multiple or unknown utilities. The risks of line strikes, inaccurately marked lines, or damage to these utilities in congested excavation areas can be catastrophic to the project, work crews, and consumers. Unlike traditional backhoe excavation, hydro excavation is safer and more efficient.


Trucks and Equipment

T-Rex Services owns and operates the largest fleet of the most powerful hydro excavation service trucks in the industry. With a growing number of projects resulting from shale oil exploration and pipeline infrastructure in both the Eagle Ford and Permian Basin areas, we are continually upgrading our fleet, selling older hydro vacuum excavation trucks and replacing them with the newest and most advanced equipment available.


Key Equipment Features:

  • Collector Body—12.0 – 15.0 Cubic Yards, 3,000 Gallons
  • Vacuum Blower—5,400 Cfm, 28” Hg Vacuum
  • Fresh Water Tank—1,200 Gallons
  • Water Pump—19 Gpm, 2,900 (fully variable) PSI mechanically driven industrial tri-plex
  • Vacuum Filtration—Wet/Dry—Single Mode

Advantages of T-Rex Hydro Excavation Technology:

  • Excavation up to 65’ deep
  • Excavate 400’ from truck
  • Excavate in congested or sensitive areas
  • Excavate where overhead restrictions apply
  • Minimize ground disturbance
  • Eliminate damage to underground infrastructure
  • Eliminate delays due to damage of utilities

T-Rex’s cutting edge equipment, coupled with our highly trained personnel, delivers unparalleled results for all hydro excavation services.