What is Vac Trax?
Vac Trax is a full-service client management system created and owned by the visionaries at Vac One. Developed to address common challenges of managing subcontracted services, Vac Trax helps streamline:

  • Performance timeline
  • Timely and accurate invoicing
  • Transparent and collaborative tracking of job costs against approved POs
  • Tracking and documenting productivity
  • Collecting and submitting field-level approvals
  • Answers to common customer service questions


What Do You Get?
Vac Trax is offered at NO COST to existing T-Rex customers. Since this client management system is owned and operated by Vac One, we maintain complete control over the scope and priority of future development. This allows us to add beneficial features requested by customers. Clients can access and program updates via a secure online site—there is no software or equipment to install or update.


What Sets Vac Trax Apart?

  • Transparency of Vac One Operations
    Clients are able to access all systems visible to Vac One, ensuring no discrepancies between Vac One and the consumer.


  • “Real Time” Tracking
    This function certifies our sales team is better able to assist you on your jobs.


  • Better Customer Service/Account Management
    As the authors of Vac Trax, we can easily and seamlessly teach each user tips and tricks to easily understand, use, and maintain the system.


  • Interactive Dashboard

    • GPS Locating
    • View current orders
    • View invoices
    • Manage POs


  • Orders Tab
    The features below can be viewed under the “Orders” tab:

    • Current location
    • GPS trail from specific day requested
    • Current and past orders
    • Daily service receipts


  • Day End Summary
    See exactly what services and movement are accomplished on each day, and how your paid hours are spent.


  • Invoices Dashboard
    The features below can be viewed under the “Invoices” tab:

    • Current and previous invoices
    • Service receipts associated with invoice
    • Manage multiple invoices:
      • Correctly assign to multiple POs
      • Can view under the same PO
    • See all previous invoices:
      • When they were posted
      • When payment is due
      • Who point of contact is


  • PO (Purchase Order) Dashboard
    The features below can be viewed under the “PO” tab:

    • Current status
    • PO number/dates
    • Limits (if any)
    • Dollar amount/charges (where services were performed but not yet invoiced)
    • Total dollars invoiced
    • Difference between limits and total of pending/invoiced
    • The last date that dollars were associated with a specific PO
    • The name of the T-Rex employee who added the PO


  • Safety Audit Dashboard
    The features below can be viewed under the “Safety Audit” tab:

    • BBS discussions
    • JSA reviews
    • Equipment Audit Checks
    • Stop Work (if needed)
    • Near Miss Reporting
    • Corrective Actions (if required)


A safety supervisor will be onsite to observe and fill out audit form. A copy of the audit will be attached to the invoice for safety personnel to keep on file.